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LINEA 12 modeling agency

LINEA 12 modeling agency

LINEA 12 modeling agency

Created in 1991, LINEA 12 MODEL MANAGEMENT is the largest model agency in Ukraine. Today, its files consist of 300 professional models (males and females), as well as 250 actors. One branch of LINEA 12 is a child model agency with 50 children on file.

LINEA 12 has wide experience in the modeling business and show business. Today, it is a leading agency in Ukraine with a brilliant reputation.

Mrs. Manyuk has managed the agency for the last eight years. During this period she has gathered a very strong creative team. High professionalism, style and reliability, these are the qualities, which support permanent success of LINEA 12.

Images of models represented by LINEA 12 agency are often to be found on the covers of domestic and foreign publications. Many of them represent faces from the biggest advertising campaigns in Ukraine. Winners of numerous international and domestic beauty contests and professional modeling contests are working in the agency. And it is no wonder because LINEA 12 prepares a professional promotion for each of its models.

This professional approach to business conduct, high service level, and wide portfolio of talent, attracts not only domestic attention, but also a range of western model agencies. The agency has dozens of the world’s biggest agencies as its partners.

LINEA 12 considers activity in the territory of Ukraine and CIS countries as its high work priority.

The agency is constantly searching for new faces in the entire territory of Ukraine, together with the help of its partners – 60 regional model agencies.

There are high requirements for model selection because the agency prefers qualitative criteria instead of quantitative criteria. Many Ukrainian “stars” are working in LINEA 12 — Alexandra Beznosyuk, Anastasiya Sukhanova, Anna Korzun, Anna Lukashenko, Anna Yasinskaya, Diana Kovalchuk, Elena Strutsinskaya, Ilona Radzivil, Liliya Zalunina, Nataliya Grigorcova, Natalya Koval, Oxana Volkova, Oxana Levchenya, Olesya Chudovskaya, Svetlana Sovinskaya, Tatyana Dekalo. Files of males include such famous names as Alexandr Pilgun, Alexey Sarozhinskiy, Bogdan Kornienko, Vyacheslav Prikhodko, Konstanin Kosinskiy, Roman Zadanyuk, Sergey Mogilevich, Sergey Chudovskiy.

If you are interested in supporting or designing your firm’s image and also in the promotion of your products or services, we are ready to consider all of your propositions for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Phone: +380 503 309 504

55-B, Artema Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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