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LLC Legion-Energo

LLC Legion-Energo

LLC Legion-Energo

The enterprise LLC “Legion-Energo” is specialized exclusively in supplying line fittings for the electrical power lines (transmission lines), parts for the electrical networks and electrified railways, insulators, fittings and other equipment and it was founded in October 2007.

Wide selections of products are always available in company’s warehouses, which makes possible to deliver needed item in the shortest possible time.

Delivery of products in any region of Ukraine are done by our own fleet or by the customer’s car or truck as well as using third party delivering service.

LLC "Legion-Energo" is an authorized representative (dealer) of Ukrainian manufacturers included, but not limited to: LLC "AIZ" of Kiev, LLC "Armlit-Donbass" of Khartsizk, which are well recognized and respected manufacturers of ceramic and polymer insulators, line fittings for the electrical power lines and electrified railways. Currently is in the progression of signing dealer agreement with the company LLC "ZIF"- manufacturer of glass insulators.

With appropriate pricing and excellent quality products supplied LLC "Legion-Energo" in 2009 gained a leading position in the Ukrainian energy market.

During this short period LLC "Legion-Energo" has gain reputation as a responsible, trustworthy supplier of high quality products not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Company successfully cooperates with organizations in Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania, Estonia, Uzbekistan and other CIS countries.

The main principles of doing business are providing the customer with high quality products, respect and fulfillment of all warranty, reliability, skills and efficiency in work, flexible pricing policy, as well as individual approach to each client.

Phone: +380 676 278 206,

5th-A Gladysha Street,
City Slovians'k,,
Donetska oblast

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