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LLC Terolling

LLC Terolling

LLC Terolling

Company Terolling does its best to provide you with metal zincked structural stocks and purlins of the highest quality.
LLC (limited liability company) TEROLLING offers a wide range of metal profiles for frame construction.

Structural stocks are manufactured with the equipment of the RAS company (Germany). Such continuous profiling systems are created to produce large lots of products of the wide range what is possible due to their fast re-equipment feature when changing size or type of the production. Unique technical specifications of our equipment allow us to profile strips with 630 mm width using metal with depth from 1 up to 4 mm.

High quality galvanized steel is a raw material for the profile manufacturing. Our equipment allows making all types of structural stocks for metal constructions. Structural stocks of C, Z and U types are produced with base width 100 mm, 150mm, 200 mm and 250 mm with feature to perforate additional holes for easy and rapid structure erection at building area.

Our main priority is a production of only high-quality products.

Our qualified specialists work on diversification permanently to fulfill complex requirements of each Customer.

Phone/Fax: + 380 352 527

28th Textile Street,
City Ternopil,,
Ternopilska oblast

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