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Likar Ltd

Likar Ltd

Likar Ltd

Likar Ltd. was founded in 1995 (Kiev, Ukraine). Likar Ltd. is appreciated throughout Ukraine for the outstanding quality of the medical products it offers on the Ukrainian market. Its major activity is the technical provision of the surgical treatment of various heart diseases. Since that time Likar Ltd. became a reorganized and well-established supplier of high-quality medical equipment and disposables.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union when there were no state-organized deliveries any more, we were the pioneers among the commercial firms who launched the import of high-quality medical equipment and disposables to Ukraine.

We were the first to introduce the hollow fiber oxygenators on the market of Ukraine (1996).

This field of medicine was not randomly chosen. The Director of the company Likar Ltd. is the Medical Doctor, D.Sc., one of the leading cardiac surgeons of the Institute of Cardio-Vascular Surgery Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (ICVS AMS of Ukraine). In his day-to-day activities he faces the necessity to solve the problems related to the treatment process and to the provision of medical devices for the patients requiring medical and especially surgical assistance. The necessity to solve these problems became the main reason for creating of our company.

We maintain the long-term relations with the leading companies-manufacturers of the medical goods whose products have gained recognition in the whole world:
"BIOTRONIK" (Germany)
"JOSTRA" (Germany)
"SULZER MEDICA" (Switzerland):
"B | BRAUN AESCULAP" (Germany)
"FLAUTAS" (Russia)

We are working continuously on expanding the product range offered to customers.
The participation in the specialized international exhibitions, trade shows, congresses, and conferences allows us to trace the new achievements in various fields of medicine in order to be consistent with the main goal of our company which is the provision of high-quality medical products for patients as well as specialized institutions.

Our headquarters are situated at the Institute of Cardio-Vascular Surgery AMS of Ukraine. Such a location helps us to witness the feedback coming from the customers. Thus, we learn more about the needs and wants of professional doctors and patients. Besides, almost all the clinical trials that constitute an integral part of the registration process are carried out in the ICVS AMS of Ukraine.

Phone: +380 442 702 713

6th N. Amosova Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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