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“LIRA” firm was founded in October 1999. We started with one rented Ukrainian power-saw bench and five workers.

Thanks to the right strategy and proper relations with buyers we increased our output by 180/200 % in six month (i.e. in March 2000).
Company leaders understood that lumber market was great enough and to supply constantly raising demand we had to increase production capacity. Thus we bought two more band-saw benches. The number of workers was increased to 20.
To the end of 2000 35 persons worked at the enterprise.
During the same period we increased our output by 575 %.

2001 – is the year when we really declared about ourselves on the market. We increased production space and doubled our output. 70 persons worked in our company.

In 2002 we strengthened our positions on the internal marked and entered the international lumber market. Production space was increased to 3 hectares. From April till September the number of bencher was increased to 12. The output was increased by 300/400 %. 98 persons worked in our Company to the end of 2002. We paid the great care to the land and workplaces improvement. In December 2002 we started to export our production.

During the first quarter 2003 the export was 2500 cubic meters. It was clear that we need new equipment for export increasing. Based on this we bought two band-saw benches in Germany. We also bought benches for deal board, batten, casings, and plinth manufacturing. At the same period four dryings were built. Total capacity of them is 700 cubic meters per month.

In the end of 2003 we opened the new workshop (1000 square meters) for deal board, batten, casings, and plinth manufacturing. New line was created for glued and grafted beams manufacturing. All products have Factory and Shop Quality.

Phone: +380 447 153 697

Vasilkovskiy district,
Bezpiatnoe village,
Vasilkovska street 7b,,
Kievska oblast

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