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Mashzavod Ltd

Mashzavod Ltd

Mashzavod Ltd

Founded in 1945, this plant has for the past 30 years ranked with Ukraine’s and the CIS largest manufacturers of modern equipment for processing, transporting, storing, and synthesizing oil, gas, and condensate, as well as for processing agricultural products, wine-making, and big-time chemistry.

Having such universal-purpose and special processing facilities, the company shows high technological maneuverability, being able to manufacture equipment for various industries. Company experts constantly work to improve the quality and marketability output. As a result, we are successfully operating on the markets of Japan, France, Germany, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, India, Iraq, Cyprus, and Greece. Our plant effectively cooperates with a number of leading Western firms. Equipment made on their commissions answers specifications answers specifications and quality standards effective in their countries.

Mashzavod manufactures such equipment:

- Shell-and-tube heat exchanger and tube bundles to them
- Evaporator with steam space with floating head.
- Apparatus tanks for gaseous and mediums, liquid gases.
- Column apparatus with different types of trays.
- Scrubbers air and nitrate
- Screen gas separators for cleaning gas from medium
- Gas-and-oil separators
- Liquid screen filters for pipelines
- Technological units: glycol regenerating unit, dust separator unit, gas heating unit and other different technological units for individual order.
- Unit for treating gas condensate into petrol
- Unit for drainage gas
- Electrodehidrators for desalting oil gas condensate
- Horizontal reservoirs cyllindrical above ground and underground storage of oil products
- ÀÑÍ automated tanker discharge/refill system (loading arm)
- Water and water-steam heaters
- Shelf evaporator (“toaster”) used in butter-and- fat production;
- Divider of liquid
- Device of putting and entering ways of pipelines Äó500, 700.
- Autoclaves
- Vessels of various designs working under pressure, containing liquids, and fit for use in vacuum.

Phone: +380 372 553 919

16th Prutska Street,
City Chervivtsi,,
Chernivetska oblast

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