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Mitrageya group

Mitrageya group

Mitrageya group

We are healers of Mitrageya group.
Each of us is capable to treat twenty patients/day.
Our treatment is bio-energetics. Bio-energetics treats every well-known and even unknown to humanity diseases. The mechanism of bio-energetics healing is unique and has no limits in universality of influence on any vital forms. Only one percent of people has ability to bio-energetics but doesn’t know about it. Simultaneously with treatment we are helping to open these abilities (for today we have opened this abilities at 38 of four thousand person asked us for help).

Our diagnostics is clairvoyance at a cellular level. We can see a cell of every virus. And a cancer cell hasn’t a virus origin! A cancer is a consequence of process, which breaks the mechanism of cell regeneration. Oncological cell is a mistake of our body. But trying to kill it we are killing ourselves. It is enough to reprogram oncological cell by bio-energetics influence. The everything else the organism corrects itself by its unique functions of self-restoration.
Often cancer and AIDS doesn’t let know about it up to the latest stages. Therefore it is very important to be able not only to distinguish the beginning of these illnesses or predisposition to it but also to treat it.

Medical, computer and other checkups doesn’t define early stages of many diseases. And when such forms of checkup diagnoses “cancer” or “AIDS” it is almost always the late stages of diseases and the patient has not any more vital forces to struggle against this diseases. In this case to operate, to irradiate, and to poison such patients with chemotherapy means to kill them. The cancer, AIDS and another diseases are curable today only by bio-energetics. Everybody should know it. And the most effective means to struggle against these diseases is their early detection by clairvoyance. And we are ready to share our knowledge in this area both with professionals and with people who is interested in this subject.

Phone: +380 444 584 968

Kievska oblast

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