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National Opera House of Ukraine

National Opera House of Ukraine

National Opera House of Ukraine

Our theatre is one of the most beautiful Neo-Renaissance constructions in Kyiv. It belongs to the architectural suite bounded sounds of many epochs and centuries - from the golden-domed temples of times Kyiv Rus up to the refined rhythm of modern buildings of the beginning of the 20th century.

Within its precincts, one can hear music by M.Lysenko and S.Hulak-Artemovsky, P.Tchaikovsky and N.Rimsky-Korsakov, A.Borodin and B.Lyatoshynsky, M.Musorgsky and S.Prokofiev... In the National opera of Ukraine, G.Verdi is widely presented; here the meeting with compositions by G.Rossini, G.Donizetti, Ch.Gounod, D.Cimarosa, A.Khachaturyan, M.Skorulsky, G.Puccini, M.Ravel, G.Bizet, L.Minkus, and others expects you. Now our playbill totals more than fifty performances of different composers, epochs and styles...

A common feature that unites them is the artistic perfection of the best grade.
Almost every evening the curtain of our theatre rises to transfer the spectators to the surprising world created on the stage by talents of the artists - composer and conductor, director and artist, and performers... Whatever performance you see in our theatre, you will feel from the stage a power of talents, inspiration, skill and fidelity to the art.

The history of our collective began in November 1867, though it is necessary to add to it two previous Italian seasons. They had engrafted to Kyivers the taste to opera art, and made more active the public's struggle for opera theatre creation in the significant economic center of the Empire, university city, which then Kyiv was.
The national opera of Ukraine named after Taras Shevchenko has gone through many stages of its bright creative biography: from an opera city theatre up to the first stage of the state. It has received recognition not only in Kiev and Ukraine, but also in the world.

Our opera and ballet representations delighted the spectators of France and Canada, Italy and Germany, Switzerland and Belgium, Denmark and Egypt, Lebanon and Hungary, Japan and Brazil, the USA and Portugal, India and Spain... More powerfully and more actively we have been integrating in the European cultural process, demonstrating the high level of the Ukrainian opera-ballet mastery, non-ordinary gifts of our artists, bright traditions, on which the greatest achievements of mankind in the field of musical culture and humanistic ideals determining in civilized process of our not easy historical time are based.

Phone: +380 442 791 169

50th Volodymyrska Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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