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Nikopol Plant of Ferroalloys

Nikopol Plant of Ferroalloys

Nikopol Plant of Ferroalloys

Basic products:
ferroalloys; welding fluxes; abrasive material; electrode mass; fluxes for electroslag remelting.

Non-basic products:

manganese contained slags; stone casting of flaming slags; granulated slags, and etc.

OJSC "Nikopol Plant of Ferroalloys" has the most considerable capacities for the silicon manganese production in the world (16 electric-arc furnaces with a capacity range of 23-75 MVA) and is one of the major suppliers of the above-mentioned products to the world market.

The annual output amounts to 500-800 thousand tons. Nikopol ferroalloys are supplied to more than 300 metallurgical enterprises in many countries of the world.


Phone: +380 566 654 608

310th Elektrometalurhiv Street,
City Dnipropetrovsk,, Nikopol
Dnipropetrovska oblast

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