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Novokramatorsky mashinostroitelny zavod

Novokramatorsky mashinostroitelny zavod

Novokramatorsky mashinostroitelny zavod

Novokramatorsky mashinostroitelny zavod J.St.Co., the largest producer of the unique and high-duty rolling mill, metallurgical, press and forging, power-generating, ore and mining, hoisting and conveying and special equipment in Ukraine and a reputed company all over the world invites You to business cooperation.

NKMZ is known throughout the world. Our machines and equipment are in operation in more than 50 countries such as Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and USA.
NKMZ was officially commissioned in September, 1934.

Since then, 102 rolling mills, 189 hot-metal torpedo cars, 45 stamping hammers, 20 blast furnace charging cone and bowl facing plants, 142 presses of various applications and forces, 17 hot-metal transfer ladle slugging machines, 103 horizontal forging machines, 2002 draglines, over 2000 mine winders, about 3000 ore crushers and coal-pulverizing mills, 18 bucket-wheel excavating and mining complexes were designed and manufactured. Our enterprise is the largest supplier of the mill rolls, unique castings and forgings, etc.

The versatile production, research and experiment capacities, advanced technologies and skilled staff make it possible to produce the top-quality equipment in short time and then, maintain its performances for a long time.
The quality control system, which covers the entire production cycle-from researches up to erection and maintenance of the equipment - was developed and implemented at NKMZ.
This system enables to make products which meet the requirements of ISO 9001 (EN 2900) requirements. That is confirmed by the Quality Certificate issued by NORD Independent Supervisory Society (Germany) in 1994.

If you need any equipment manufactured at NKMZ, we are ready to make contracts on its designing, manufacture and supplies without addressing to the agents. We are also ready to consider and study any enquiries that are beyond our well-established product mix and scope of supplies.

Our specialists will give you any detailed information or advice.

Ask for us and you will get the reliable partner in business.

Phone: +380 626 437 080

City Kramatorsk,,
Donetska oblast

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