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OLNOVA Joint German-Ukrainian Venture Ltd. was founded in 1997 and specialises in manufacturing of machines for shreddering of diverse kinds of waste. Shredders produced by OLNOVA Ltd. represent a perfect solution for the problem of recycling and utilization of refuse produced by variuos spectres of human activities.

Domestisc waste, building waste, mixed waste, wood waste (raw and dry wood, railway sleepers, tree roots), paper rolls, foil, bark, stones and soil, car bodies and other waste make no problem for OLNOVA Shredders.

Manufacturing was launched by fifteen highly qualified experts. The business developed fast and in two years a number of personnel grew due to increase in the production volumes and the team faced a need to expand production. Today the company?s staff consists of 250 experienced spesialists in engineering, production and marketing The potential capacities of the company and assessment of the market needs pointed to the economical efficiency of continuous serial products manufacturing and introduction of new equipment.

JV OLNOVA is a prime example of integration of industry and scientific potential. Progressive economical methods and ecological management are the base of the companys policy. While expanding the production, modernizig and developing new products, the companys management always keeps in mind nature and enviroment protection. The company believes that effective and rational use of natural resources is not possible without the measured policy implemented by the management, in particular, production policy and enviroment protection.

By this time the companys specialists have already proposed both the new equipment and business plants that will ensure prifitability of the processing lines from the first day of operation, flexible approach to leasing packages and credit programs to the buyers. Implementation of these projects will promote thrifty attitude to the natural resources .

At present, Ukrainian, Russian, Belarussian, Polish, Finnish and German companies work successfully with OlNOVA and a number of contracts with the companies from other countries arew also under way. OlNOVA actively keeps business contacts with the research and state institutions of Ukraine that work in the companys scientific and industrial field. The key objective of the company is to create specialized marketing, informational, scientific and research base for specialty companies in Ukraine. A step toward the future for the company is a step toward design, production, cost cutting, reduction of integration time of new types of products and technologies that make full and nonwaste waste processing, as well as enviroment regeneration, possible.

Phone/Fax: +380 326 423 4

5th Ivasyuka Street,
City Busk,,
L'vivska oblast

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