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Pavlograd Chemical Machine-Building Plant was founded in 1878 year on the base of on-site foundry and factory manufacturing agricultural implements. Originally, the plant manufactured various farm implements.

In 1959 year the Plant was re-organized as chemical machine-building plant and is specialized on production of chemical equipment, heat exchangers, tanks and vertical vessels and other equipment for chemical and petrochemical industries.

1963-1978 years were the period of some fundamental reconstruction of production facilities, due to which production became more specialized and considerable increase in production in sub?sequent years. Activity of JSC Pavlogradkhimmash has several business priorities:

Modern and effective equipments, supplying with the plant, helps you to process, to hot and to cool, to transport, to save and to give products of oil-gas processing, metallurgy and great chem?ical, products of food and of pharmaceutical industry. The plant is the only domestic producer of a wide range of plate-type exchangers as of today. JSC Pavlogradkhimmash plant has unique equip?ment providing top-quality production of all components for assembly of plate-type heat exchangers which characteristics are practically the same as their foreign analogues and their price is more attractive than the latter. Potential consumers of these products are enterprises dealing with vari?ous matters, interested in incorporation of power-saving technologies in technological processes.

Considerable part of production of JSC Pavlogradkhimmash is equipment needed practically by all enterprises producing oil products - from oil producing and processing enterprises to sales organizations. Among all range of equipment produced for oil product market are: shell-and-tube complex heat exchangers (with floating head, U-tubes, in compliance with designs etc.) of up to 1400 mm in diameter, ecologically save twin-hulled tanks for subsurface storage of oil products.

Public Joint-Stock Venture Pavlogradkhimmash is one of leading enterprises of chemical machine-building. Its products are in steady demand with consumers on the Ukrainian markets and the CIS countries. More than 40 years experience on the market of chemical and petrochemical equipment allowed making basis for successful activity, namely: advanced technologies, unique capacities and rallied collective of the experts capable to decide the most difficult tasks.

Phone: +380 563 261 504

15th Kharkovskaya Street,
City Pavlograd,,
Dnipropetrovska oblast

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