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    At present Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing Company is one of the leading companies in the field of aviation industry of Ukraine.
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PP Production of textiles

PP Production of textiles

PP Production of textiles

The main focus of the PP “Production of textiles” is the production of various textiles products for home use. The priority direction for today is sewing linen, knitwear, printing logos.

Think about how much time of your life is spend in bed?
Statistics says that ordinary citizen of the world spend about one third of the life sleeping, and some even more. Bed is a leisure, joy and satisfaction. It soothes, lures, relaxes and that is why the bed linen is the subject that requires your special care and attention.

Production Company "Production of textile" targeted to all population groups of Ukraine and meets the diverse needs of all ages; our linen can melt the heart and lift the mood up in minutes.

Healthy sleep is solution to liveliness, success and good mood!

No matter what, but a third of our life we are spending sleeping, there for we have known that, without full sleep we will become irritable, inadequate, slower to react, est. And the reason is often so simple - just take a closer look on what are we sleep in?

Phone: +380 674 930 168

Rakhiv region, 638, Roztoky
Zakarpatska Oblast

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