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Personal Security Solutions

Personal Security Solutions

Personal Security Solutions

Private Detective Agency Personal Security Solutions is a leading and professional private investigation agency that ensures you business investigations and informational services on another level.

Our investigation agency is managed precisely and effectively. The agency employs senior detectives with several years of experience both in general areas of investigation and also specifically in executing complex private investigations. All of them have been specifically trained in the latest techniques and equipment. The specific skills of each investigator are supplemented with a high level of discipline and professional organization inherent to our top-class team of professionals.

Our agency is prepared to execute a thorough and comprehensive investigations anywhere in Ukraine. A detective from our agency will be happy to assist you in creative ways - methods you have not yet thought of may resolve tangled and complicated situations. Private investigators from our agency are at your service and able to assist you at any time and with any issue, even now. The office is located in Lugansk.

Private Detective Agency Personal Security Solutions has very big and rich experience. This experience includes all kinds of private investigations, collecting business information services, search of people and property, anti-scam investigations, basic and complex background check of people, company check (business background check), conducting complex surveillances, using concealed photography, and assimilating sophisticated and advanced methods of investigation or detective work necessary in order to conduct a professional and successful investigation. We consider the satisfaction of every client to be the main measure by which to assess our success, and act with complete discretion and loyalty.

Experienced and professional private investigators are the guarantee for successful private investigations!

Phone: +380 951 405 966

47th Sovetskaya Street,
City Lugansk,,
Luganska oblast

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