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Plant Production Institute nd.a. V.Ya.Yuriev of UAAS

Plant Production Institute nd.a. V.Ya.Yuriev of UAAS

Plant Production Institute nd.a. V.Ya.Yuriev of UAAS

Plant Production Institute named after V. Ya. Yuriev of Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences founded in 1908 is one of the oldest scientific – research establishments in Ukraine.

Main directions of the institute activities correspond to the priority projects of 9 scientific-technical programs of UAAS and STP of Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine for applied investigations.

The principle directions of scientific-research work at the institute envisage:
- the elaboration of theoretical foundations of breeding;
- the creation of new varieties and hybrids of cereal, grain leguminous, small grain and oil crops;
- the development of highly efficient systems for seed-production of agricultural crops;
- the management of primary and elite seed-production for recognized varieties and hybrids;
- the development of cultivation technologies for field crops;
- the formation and the management of the plant genetic resources’ bank of Ukraine;
- the provision and scientific promotion of the developments in AIC of Kharkiv Region.

The institute is a basic establishment for the coordination of the state scientific-technical program “Plant Genetic Resources of Ukraine”, in which 35 co-executing institutions are involved, the scientific-technical program “Oil Crops” (sunflower), in which 5 co-executing institutions are involved, and the ST program “Biorawmaterial” with 10 co-executing institutions.

The National gene bank of plants of Ukraine comprises 1032 plant species numbering 130 thous samples. It is one of the ten largest genebanks of the world. Every year about 12 those samples are distributed for the purpose of fulfillment of breeding, scientific, educational and other programs. Ukraine is a member of the international system of plant genetic resources, which is under control of FAO.

The computing-information system “Genepool” with the passport data base for 95 crops and trait data base for maize and spring triticale is developed and inculcated in the Centre for Plant Genetic Resources of Ukraine. The introduction base includes over 7 thous samples. The electronic classifiers for wheat, barley, maize, rye, millet, sorghum, grain legumes (peas, soya, kidney beans, chick-pea) are created.

Phone: +380 573 921 343

142nd Moskovskiy prospect,
City Kharkiv,,
Kharkivska oblast

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