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Producers group KOLTSO

Producers group KOLTSO

Producers group KOLTSO

Producers group “KOLTSO” is a team of high-class experienced specialists of superior category, united with one aim – creation of high-quality cultural, commercial, and social projects. In the course of development and realization of its projects producers group “KOLTSO” cooperates with a series of leading mass media, public institutions (in the case of social projects), governmental authorities, and commercial organizations.

Having applied to the company, you will not only get precise organization and original event script (corporate holiday, conference, business-training etc.) but also professional consulting. The team of “KOLTSO” creates a marketing concept and then chooses practically feasible machinery which effectively achieves aims and realizes current assignments. Even when the focus falls on entertainment, the message carried to the target group is backed by considered marketing strategy.

Producers group “KOLTSO” is the management which attracts, unites, and consolidates the efforts of high-class experienced specialists of superior category and best technical resources into effective structure for the purpose of producing high-quality cultural, commercial and social and cultural projects.

The company disposes of the best intellectual, creative, and technical resources, integrated in the effective organizational framework.

The framework of producers group “KOLTSO” and its work trends:
• Producing office: æ Conclusion of agreements, coordination;
- Search of subcontractors, contractors;
- Accompaniment of projects;
- Quality and terms performance;
- Contractual project accompaniment;

• Marketing office:
- Marketing investigations;
- Branding/re-branding;
- Consulting;
- Naming;
- Media-plans development and actualization;
- PR and advertisement, BTL;

• Creative office: æ Production;
- DVD Production;
- Event-production;
- Post-production;
- Event concept development;
- Trade project style and design development;
- Subject graphics;
- Polygraphy production;

• Model agency:
- All-Ukrainian continuously updated database of professional and beginning models, actors, children;
- Organization and carrying out of all-Ukrainian and local castings;
- Organization of participation of models in photo-, video-, filmmaking, TV-projects, fashion-shows, presentations and expositions;
- Cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign companies;
- Model school.

In the course of successful operation of producers group “KOLTSO” we’ve gained the experience of development and carrying out of projects of any complexity and scale. Not a single work is too big or too little. We like our work and we like to achieve remarkable results.

Phone: +380 442 201 201

44th Shota Rustaveli Street, office 78
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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