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Rabbax Limited

Rabbax Limited

Rabbax Limited


This method may be used both in the amateur and industrial rabbit breeding.

Remarkable and specific usefulness of this method is that it takes into account physiological peculiarities of behavior, habits and life of rabbits not taken into account in any other method or technology of rabbit breeding.

Ecologically clean rabbit breeding (hereinafter referred to as the rabbit eco-breeding) slightly resembles the acceleration rabbit breeding method developed by academician I.N. Mikhaylov (St. Petersburg). Novelty and distinction of the eco-breeding method as compared to the acceleration method lies in that this new method allows the shortcomings and certain inconveniences of the acceleration method to be eliminated and provides better indices of breed production and rabbit organism fortitude.

The main task of rabbit breeding and keeping in the eco-breeding method is to preserve all advantages of outdoor acceleration rabbit keeping, eliminate all found shortcomings, increase the efficiency of breeding, decrease the costs of technical and instrumental outfit, provide better conditions of rabbit keeping and ensure almost 100% painless technology of breeding.

Eco-breeding is an outdoor method of keeping and breeding rabbits in the specially created eco-farms of the Rabbitax type. Here the rabbits are fed and watered, copulate, bear, whelps are taken from mothers or stepmothers, male rabbits are separated, and the rabbits are sold for breeding purposes or as the sources of meat and peltry. A non-normative rabbit feeding and watering is realized in the eco-breeding method during the entire day using semi-automatic feeders and automatic water-troughs with water heating in winter. Rabbits have a round-day access to food and water. Female rabbits copulate on the 64th – 72nd day after bearing according to the 100-day working cycle of a female rabbit. The nest is prepared 5 days prior to bearing, in the case of preliminary electric heating of the nest – 2–3 days before bearing. Whelps are taken from their mothers or foster-mothers differently: male rabbits of first bearing – starting from the 78th day from their birth, mainly on the 87th day (dependent of the number of whelps), in other cases – on the 72nd – 83rd day, mainly on the 80th day; female rabbits – 10 days prior the next bearing of mothers or foster-mothers. Male rabbits are distributed over the personal units mainly on the 110th day, rabbits are sold for breeding purposes or as the sources of meat and peltry on the 122nd – 150th day, taking into account the season, gender and degree of peltry development.

The results turned out to be amazing and impossible to be achieved in the traditional rabbit-breeding.

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