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Recording studio Kofein

Recording studio Kofein

Recording studio Kofein

Our scope of work is everything that makes sound.

In Kofein we can: Record a vocal track
Record a solo acoustic or electric instrument
Create and record an arrangement
Create and record a remix of an existing recording
Create a mixing, mastering, and pre-mastering of tracks

Also, at our place, you can order and or record: Promotional audio clips
Promotional theme songs
Sound design for television channels, as well as for video and radio programs
Sound design for movies and plays
Muzak-like sound design for commercial environments (e.g. hotels, restaurants, offices)
Musical background for fashion shows
In addition, we are able to use our extensive library of recordings to create musical compilations for particular themes (e.g. surf music of the 60s) tailored for institutional needs (e.g. for corporate identity, gifts) we can produce exclusive one-off recordings suitable for a gift, or for personal memoirs.

We often use session musicians in the creation of our music, including:
Trumpet player Petr Petruccio Yakovchenko
Saxophon & clarinet player Igor Chernov, saxophon player Max Kochetov
Flute player Vladimir Zinkovskiy
Trombon player Alexey Sagitov
Guitar player Gennadiy Sidorov
Female singer Alena L'vova, Tanya Radosteva, Antonina Goloschapova
Male singer Vadim Fedorov
We have deliberately positioned ourselves as a midi-studio so that we can provide a superior client focus. However, through collaborative agreements with larger production facilities, we are able to offer solutions for clients and projects of any type and size.

Every client is given our full attention in order to realize his dreams. Our goal is to both inspire and to be inspired by you.

Phone: +380 444 862 835

Kievska oblast

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