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Recreational complex Medobory

Recreational complex Medobory

Recreational complex Medobory

Recreational complex “Medobory” is conveniently located just 20 km. from the city of Ternopol and is the direct inheritor of the old resort, which was founded on used to be territory of the Austro - Hungarian Empire by Baron Jan Konopko more than 200 years ago.

It’s surrounding with beautiful landscape of valley near small river “Nishla”, lawns decorated with chock-full of healing herbs and mineral water creates a unique microclimate beneficial to human health.

Recreational complex “Medobory” could host up to 350 guests at the time and has 50 double rooms, 40 single rooms and 130 double occupancy comfortable rooms.

On the premises for the guests convenience are located mineral water pump-room, swimming pool, gym, sauna, conference center with 50 seats, cinema - concert hall with 350 seats, pharmacy and convenient stores, bars, souvenir and postal kiosks, video room.

For those who likes active lifestyle our staff will organize excursions, river fishing or horseback riding.

The nutrition dietary is served four times daily or customized menu could be made to order.

Experienced medical specialists are working in medical - diagnostic building and are offer more than 80 rehabilitation procedures.
Some of the new methods of health treatment:
- Beer-therapy (treatment with "live" unfiltered beer).
- Medical horse riding (therapeutic riding)
- Apitherapy (with bee products)
- Cryotherapy (cold therapy)
- "Salt cave"
- Medical tub with hydrogen water.

By using these methods is possible to cure:
- Diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
- Peripheral and central nervous system;
- Digesting system and liver;
- Diseases of the cardio - vascular and pulmonary;
- Gynecologic disease inflammatory nature
- Diseases of the skin;
-Diseases of the endocrine system.

Recreational complex “Medobory” is the unique biological and botanical place in Ukraine and you are welcome to experience it yourself!

Phone: +380 355 122 267;

Terebovlya district;, Konopkivka
Ternopilska oblast

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