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Donetsk plant "Remcommunelectrotrans" was founded in March, 1946 on the basis of existing workshops.
Original goal was to provide regional utility enterprises (tram and trolleybus services) with castings and forgings for metal-working shops. Casting production was restored during the period between 1946 and 1950. Casting shop had been manufacturing brake blocks for tram cars, iron plumbing manholes and boiler grates. In 60-70s the experts of casting shop mastered a process of art casting (bridge railing, monuments and streetlights). Specialists of marble workshop produced revetment from a granite: fountain on the area of Lenin, monument to Miner, socles of hotel "Ukraine", executive Committee and other administrative buildings of Donetsk.
Car repair yard was built in 1962 to perform major repairs of tram cars and trolleybuses.
Mechanical shop was built in 1974 to produce trolley line armature and spares for trolleybuses and trams.
New casting shopwas built in 1978, which enabled to cast more than 3,1 thousand tons of steel castings and 250 tons of iron castings.
Pattern shop: shop is properly equipped for manufacturing and repair of casting pattern equipment. The shop is able to buck timber into boards with thickness of 50mm. Maximum volume of bucked timber is 60m3 monthly.

Mechanical shop: main product is terminal circuit items, spares for rolling stock of tram and trolleybus.
Manufacturing equipment of the shop enables to machine parts with diameter up to 1000 mm and length up to 2600 mm. Program controlled machines can machine parts of any shape. Gear-hobbing machines enable to cut spurs and obliquespurs with diameter up to ? 800mm and height up to 300mm, including module 8.

Blanking shop: presses with pressing power of 160 tons for pressing of blanks from flats with different complexity of geometry. Guillotine shares for cutting of metal with thickness up to 10mm.

Press shop: it is equipped with presses of pressing power of 160 and 240 tons for cutting, bending and punching of blanks in hot condition. Main product is pressed contacts stamping (LK1-LK7) used for fastening of rails with crossties.

Heat-treatment shop: it is equipped with processing equipment for volumetric quenching, quenching with high-frequency current, tempering, normalization and carbonization.

Electrical shop:
1. Major repairs of AC engines;
- 0,27 to 100 kW (1500-3000 rpm);
- 0,27 kW 700rpm, 960rpm;
2. Rewinding of starter coils (with size between 1 and 5);
3. Major repairs of AC engines with phase-wound rotor (MTF, MHT) 1,4 to 75 kW;

We hope on long-term collaboration and invite to visit our enterprise.

Phone/Fax: +380 623 856 1

3rd A, Svobody Street,
City Makeevka,,
Donetska oblast

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