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SE Kharkivstandardmetrologiya

SE Kharkivstandardmetrologiya

SE Kharkivstandardmetrologiya

The State Enterprise "Kharkiv regional scientific and production centre of standardization, metrology and certification" (SE "Kharkivstandardmetrologiya") is one of the Ukraine leaders in the area of certification of products, control systems and rendering engineering and inspection services.

SE "Kharkivstandardmetrologiya" has many years' experience and competent staff that enables to conduct specified activities at high professional level.

SE "Kharkivstandardmetrologiya" is authorized (license ¹ UA.P.007) to carry out certification of 46 groups of similar products, including:
- Electrical household appliances, radio electronic hardware and lighting fixtures;
- Technological, metal-working, woodworking, welding equipment;
- Electrical machines, electrical and electronic equipment;
- Construction materials, metallurgy products, pipes and cylinders;
- Goods of light industry (clothes, footwear, fabrics, fur, thread etc.);
- Foodstuffs and feed stock;
- Perfumery and cosmetics goods and detergents;
- Medical equipment, means of personal protection of employees.

SE "Kharkivstandardmetrologiya" has testing laboratories accredited by the National Agency of Ukraine in accreditation for compliance with ISO 17025 requirements that can afford testing the following groups of similar products:
- Electrical household appliances, radio electronic hardware, hand electromechanical tools with an electric motor;
- Technological, metal-working, woodworking, welding equipment;
- Electrical machines, electrical and electronic equipment;
- Engines of tractors and agricultural machines;
- Construction materials and structures;
- Goods of light industry – men, ladies and children’s footwear (including sports, rubber, protection, special footwear), leather products, fabrics and textile products, linens and knitted wear, work wear and others;
- Food stuffs and feed stock;
- Perfumery and cosmetics goods, detergents and household chemicals;
- Glass, china and pottery, ceramics and polymer wear.

Phone: +380 577 563 767

36th Mironositskaya Street,
City Kharkiv,,
Kharkivska oblast

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