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“Shpat “ aims at supplying of pegmatite stuff to enterprises that are in porcelain and faience business, to companies that deal with building ceramics and studio pottery. We are able to satisfy requirements of our domestic and foreign markets.

Subsidiary of Agromat Co. named “Shpat” was found in 1997. It is situated in Malaya Tokarovka village that is in Zhitomirskiy region. This local deposit is known as “Gorniy”. Main field of action is output and further processing of pegmatite stuff.

Potash feldspar dominates in “Gorniy” deposit.
Pegmatite, as is well known, is rock that constitutes intergrew crystals of potash feldspar and quart (quartz percentage is about 30)
As far as quartz is a part of fine ceramic mass then pegmatite can replace clean feld spar. Feld spar represents platy structured minerals. Colour of feld spar varies between pink and red. Some kind of feld spar are of yellow colour.
Apart from the fact that pegmatite contains spar and quartz there also can be found ferric oxide, muscovite, biotite and product of airing - caoline. Pegmatite is formeed at great depths under high temperatures and they are characterised by macrocrystalline structure and by volatile components (F, CI, B etc.). Pegmatite is the most promising feld spar substitute, resources of which are comparatively limited.

Melting point is 1200°C. Feld spar of high quallity during melting should have transparent or milky coloured glass. Due to this fact potash pegmatite is widely used in manufacturing of ornamental and household faience, electroporcelain, faience and sanitary equipment etc.

Potash feld spar is more preferably to use in manufacturing of electroporcelain goods (because natrium feld spar has lower melting point (1100°C) and it can cause deformation of electroporcelain goods during firing). Module of potash feld spar tents to or is equal to 3.
Pegmatite produced by “Spar” is separated by barrel-type separator that is based on constant magnet Nd-Fe-B, next mean of separation from admixture of ferromgnetic injections and biotite is three-stage Nd-Fe-B roller magnetic separator (magnetic induction 1,1). All stages of production are under strict stepwise quality control.

The enterprise has its own chemical-analytical laboratory, which constantly carries out broad qualitative and quantitative analyses of pegmatite material after each shift.According to the results of analyses the customer is issued Quality certificate.

Phone: +380 414 461 300

Romanivskiy district,
Mala Tokarivka,,
Zhytomyrska oblast

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