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Soft Industry

Soft Industry

Soft Industry

This year "Soft Industry" holds its 9th anniversary being the big, self-reliant company with main specialization in offshore software programming.
Ihor Borisenko and Dmitry Voychenko, the founders of the company , have been at the helm all these years. In 1996 they graduated from the Chernigov State Technological University and nowadays lots of the customers associate IT-outsourcing namely with their names and definitely with the name of our company.

In 1991 they entered the University and happened to study in the same group. This fact predetermined the subsequent foundation of the company. After graduation from the University they didn't lose touch with each other as it usually happens to fellow students. It is clear that in the world where everything is interconnected, it could hardly be just a casualty. The idea of the foundation of offshore software development company being inconceivable in Ukraine in mid 1990 abode its realization.

In 1999 it came to evident that communication particularly in the field of IT Services had made such progress that eventually it became unimportant where an intelligent and hardworking person lives. It doesn?t matter concerning the efficiency of work, though it matters when it comes to the minimization of expenditures. The offshore software programming companies shouldn?t be blamed for dumping. They can't call for bids equal to western and American companies ones since living standards in Ukraine is lower than in western countries. In 2000 Ihor Borisenko and Dmitry Voychenko were the only staff of "Soft Industry". The number of orders they received forced them to enlarge the company. There was no alternative to the company increase.

It stands to reason, "Soft Industry" succeeds not merely due to the favourable geographical location. Nowadays our company's staff includes more than 30 certified high-skilled developers. They are all the computer science graduates from the Chernigov State Technological University and for the last years of study they were under close attention of the leading staff of the company. Nowadays "Soft Industry" is the company that
has successfully implemented variety of projects of different specificity and scale;
provides a wide range of IT Services;
provides the stability of the order implementation deadline, responsible approach to each customer, readiness to satisfy all their requirements at any stage of the service implementation.

Offshore software programming has been proved to be successful business by all 9 years of our daily work.

Phone: +380 462 651 415

1st Koshovogo Street,
City Chernihiv,,
Chernihivska oblast

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