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Standard of Security

Standard of Security

Standard of Security

The commercial security service the Agency "Standard of Security" offers the services in protection collective, private, a state ownership and protection of citizens.

The basic directions:
Protection of objects and physical persons;
Editing of means of protection;
Marketing researches of the market of protection and safety.
Preparation and retraining of personnel borrowed in services of protection and safety.

Our principles:
In our company working employees with wide experience detective and security activity, it is former officers of police and the Security, officers of the Ministry of Defense, National guards. All personnel has had training special preparation and check. Each employee is borrowed in system of a professional training in ours "Master-club".

High reliability of our protection. It is provided with high professionalism of our employees, system of the multistage control of conditions on protected object and high-speed reaction of additional forces in case of an encroachment on object. Channels of emergency communication are necessarily duplicated. We are not subordinated to whom, except for our client.

The responsibility.
Agency "Standard of Security" bears a full liability for the values accepted under protection. Material assets of high cost and vulnerability are without fail insured by us.

Individual approach.
You do not become the hostage of patterns and a formalism. Each object, taken us under protection, is comprehensively studied by our experts for revealing weak spots and tactics of counteraction to criminals. The firm will inform you on complexities in protection, will make the detailed project of protection and all necessary documentation on the organization of modes, will help to organize anticriminal and antiterrorist preparation of your personnel.

Image of the client.
We sell all your wishes concerning to design of a uniform and equipment. Except for base complete sets of a uniform (the master, a master - modernist style, the cossack), we may develop the form individually for your enterprise. A manner of behaviour of our employees, their actions in various situations will be coordinated with image of your enterprise.

Phone: +380 443 610 617

City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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