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State Enterprise Arsenal

State Enterprise Arsenal

State Enterprise Arsenal

Founded in 1764, since 1946 it has organized optic and optoelectronic instrument making for military purposes. All space launchings in former USSR and Russia were made with Arsenal's optoelectronic systems. Arsenal's helmet mounted systems and IR seekers for air-to-air missiles are surpassing in functional qualities. Arsenal is proud of the unique goniometric system , which is used as the national angular standard.

Nowadays the plant produces medium-format cameras Kiev-60TTL, Kiev-80CM and a number of interchangeable lenses to them. Recently Arsenal has mastered the manufacture of light-emitting-diode traffic lights, that proved to be highly economical and that eliminate the possibility of sun glare phantom.

Optoelectronic equipment for medicine, such as television blood analyzer AK-11, that defines 11 parameters of blood in 2-3 minutes, is produced too.

One of the main manufacture directions is production of precise equipment for gas metering: household and industrial rotary gas-meters that are distinguished by small dimensions, great dynamic range of measurement and higher reliability and service life.

State Enterprise Plant Arsenal has clear orientation and plans of development in the sphere of producing new or modernized products in the area of instrument engineering
On November of 2004 Zavod Arsenal have been decorated with medal and diploma Best home-produced goods.

Phone/Fax: +380 442 801 2

8th Moskovska Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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