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TTcomm S.A.

TTcomm S.A.

TTcomm S.A.

Our goal is to use the experience we have as an opertor in the field of telecommunications, in designing and implementing satellite systems, our professionalism, and reliability - to guarantee our Customers, the success and security of the solutions which we provide and operate for them.
TTcomm S.A. (previously Telenor Satellite Polska S.A.) has extensive experience, since 1996, serving the Polish and international telecommunications markets. We are the biggest operator of satellite communication VSAT services in Central Eastern Europe and have our Teleport and hub located 50 km outside of Warsaw, Poland.

TTcomm provides telecommunications integration services, which include the management of extensive IT data networks. We offer data transmission via satellite, provision of satellite communications (BROADCAST, Digital Satellite News Gathering) and internet access.

These services are tailored for big and medium corporate Customers, governmental administration, education, media, as well as foreign firms requiring secure and high-speed communication. A special offer for individual internet service users is also available in association with our rural internet access program.

The main direction of our Company's development strategy is the integration of telecommunications systems and broadband transmission, taking advantage of all technology driven applications as they become available and applicable to our market.

The Company's solutions are based on three fundamental technologies:
BROADBAD I/P protocol TDMA VSAT, which based on the industries technologically advanced iDirect solution offering both star and mesh topology networks with data rates configurable and dynamically controlled with up to 11Mb uplink and 5Mb downlink data steam capacity. The Hub is capable of handling all data in I/P format providing the customer application an Ethernet data link. The system also handles full Video, VoIP (including configurable CIR) and has sophisticated functionality offering network management - end user data flow control and billing data.

TDMA - VSAT solution, which handles extensive star-topology networks by means of a Central Station HUB. The advantages of a TDMA solution, (low cost and wide availability of network) are best visible in extensive networks, where a minimal fixed time delay of transmission is not a critical factor. These systems are mainly applied in ATM networks, systems for transmission of data, lottery systems, as well as a simple and inexpensive network backup solution.

BOD - VSAT system, designed for setting-up point-to-point links and "meshed" networks with a stable, guaranteed speed. This solution is used for building Wide Area Networks (WAN) which allow distributed applications requiring high-speed links with guaranteed throughput.

The HUB network operation center provides twenty-four-hour "telco standard" monitoring

Phone: +380 442 074 738

15, S. Khokhlovykh Street
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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