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Technokredo Furniture Corporation

Technokredo Furniture Corporation

Technokredo Furniture Corporation

Technokredo Furniture Corporation is glad to present you all the necessary products and services for cabinet furniture production.

Our company is in the Ukrainian furniture market more then 12 years. Now we are official representative of such companies as SwissPan (Ukraine), BLUM (Austria), EGGER (Austria), Luxeform (Ukraine).
We are interested in permanent products increasing and parnership enlargement with as our present as future native and foreign companies.

The main of our activity direction is materials and accessories supplying for cabitnet furniture production and following services rendering. We offer ones not only for large-scale or medium-scale furniture producers but the individuals.
We have a wide range of instrumental facilities and technical equipment for materials preparing to assembly the end product. Our employees' professionalism lets you to incarnate any complexity demand.

Any goods you need are in sight at our shop. Here you can choose appropriate material color, type and accessories. Some exclusive goods can be made to order in a short time.
Every company must have its own personal style, in other words credo. Our credo is based on three foundations: "Let's Make Furniture Together!"

Phone: +380 567 907 100

4th Komissara Krylova Street,
City Dnipropetrovsk,,
Dnipropetrovska oblast

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