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The Brotherhood of Ukrainian Beekeepers

The Brotherhood of Ukrainian Beekeepers

The Brotherhood of Ukrainian Beekeepers

Establishment NGO “The Brotherhood of Ukrainian Beekeepers” was created in May 14, 2005. At the foundation meeting Viktor Yushcenko, the President of Ukraine was elected as an Honored head of the “The Brotherhood of Ukrainian Beekeepers”, and Sergey Ulasik was elected as the Head of “The Brotherhood of Ukrainian Beekeepers”

Mission of the Brotherhood The mission is to: unite beekeepers of Ukraine for common efforts in development of the society, establish wise attitude towards nature and human being, revive traditions of Ukrainian beekeeping, and improve nation’s health by means of beekeeping produce.

Goal The main goal is to: encourage social initiatives in beekeeping communities directed towards development and strengthening of the society, protect beekeepers’ interests and satisfy their professional needs.

The main objective is: development of the systemic activities within the NGOs aimed at strengthening the beekeepers communities to solve important professional issues and to implement charitable projects.

Main principles
- relation of the beekeepers to the God, love for the native land and nature, high philosophy of life, belief in the future.
- philanthropy, help and caring about the people, charity.
- openness, honesty;
- combined efforts – consolidation and partnership;
- activeness and responsibility;
- connection with the history of Ukrainian people, revival of the Ukrainian beekeeping traditions.

The program of international affaires of the Brotherhood is being implemented. Ukrainian Korean Beekeeping Forum was held in terms of this program.
The President of the International Federation of the Beekeeping Associations “Apimondia” Asger Zugard Urgensoen and secretary general FIITA Cristian Constantinescu visited Ukraine in summer 2007.

The All Ukrainian NGO the Brotherhood of Beekeepers of Ukraine is aimed at developing of the business relations with Non Government organizations of other countries. The main goal this cooperation is to increase beekeepers’ professional experience, exchange of information, cultural, spiritual achievements and beekeeping traditions.

In terms of international affaires the All Ukrainian NGO the Brotherhood of Beekeepers of Ukraine initiates the Forum of Beekeeping Associations in Ukraine, according to the world standards.

Phone/Fax: +380 444 251 3

20/4, Borychev Tok Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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