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The Kharkov City Art Gallery

The Kharkov City Art Gallery

The Kharkov City Art Gallery

The Kharkov City Art Gallery being one of the first galleries in Ukraine that has the municipal status, was founded in the end of 1996. From 1997 it is a member of Association of Art-Galleries of Ukraine.

At the disposal of the Gallery there is secular (standing) hall (overall exposition area - 120 sq. m.) with modern interior and professional equipment.
Staff of the Gallery consists of 5 constant employees.

Director: Tatyana Tumasyan.

Primary Gallery task is popularization of contemporary art and first of all artists works of Kharkov and Ukraine.
Long-term Gallery programs that are turn to realization of this task: «Kharkov - Art», «Masters», «Our Heritage», «Contemporary Foreign Art», «Russian Palette», «From Private and Museum Collections», «New Names», «Experimental Studio», «Youth Branch».

Main circle of the Gallery authors includes famous artists of Kharkov, leading masters of modern and contemporary Ukrainian art - participants of prestigious national and foreign exhibitions, that are work in painting, graphics, sculpture, art photography, art design, new media and other techniques.

Artists graphics: Pavel Makov, Nataly Mironenko (Honoured artist of Ukraine), Elena Kudinova, Oleg Veklenko (Honoured art worker of Ukraine);
Painters: Alexey Borisov, Viktor Gontarov (Honoured artist of Ukraine), Vitaly Kulikov, Vachagan Norazyan, Victor Sidorenko (Honoured art worker of Ukraine), Vitaly Smahtin, Eduard Yashin;
Designers: Vladimir Bondarenko, Yury Ryntovt;
Sculptors: Alexander Kovalev, Alexander Ridniy, Sergey Sbitnev;
Photographs: Sergey Bratkov, Vladimir Bysov, Evgeniy Pavlov, Sergey Solonskiy, Alexander Suprun and others.

For the time of existence the Gallery became popular center of contemporary art, famous and authoritative beyond the bounds of the Kharkov and Ukraine. Since then the Gallery organized about 400 exhibitions, curatorial projects and art actions both at the Gallery area and outside. It also organized set of personal exhibitions and author’s artist projects from Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa, Moscow, Nalchik, Penza, Arhangelsk, Erevan, Warsaw, Vienna, London, Paris, Nurnberg, Poznan, Suffolk, 39 group expositions of foreign authors from Austria, Great Britain, Germany, France, USA, Poland, Russia, Moldova, Israel, Armenia.

Phone: +380 577 061 620

15th Chernyshevskogo Street,
City Kharkiv,,
Kharkivska oblast

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