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The OJSC Chasov-Yar Refractory Works

The OJSC Chasov-Yar Refractory Works

The OJSC Chasov-Yar Refractory Works

The OJSC “Chasov-Yar Refractory Works” is the forefather of the refractory production in Ukraine.

The prerequisite for the enterprise creation was the unique clay deposit and the favorable customers location.

The Chasov-Yar deposit clays are the priceless gift of the nature and differ in the high indices of refractoriness, fine, plasticity, bonding strength and low sintering temperature.

The molding sands are the molding materials prepared by the nature itself for the molds production technology. The efficiency of their application is conditioned by their specificity and stable mineral composition.

For its more than one hundred history the Works has become the one of the biggest manufacturers in Ukraine and in the CIS according to the wide range of the refractory production.

The kombinat produces ceramic face and common bricks of light-beige colour for industrial and civil construction.
- Ceramic brick of Chasov-Yar Refractory Works production is the liable material for construction, which is manufactured of completely natural and ecologically pure materials (only refractory clays and clays with high melting temperature of Chasov-Yar deposit are used in production technology). All this is confirmed by the sanitary epidemiological conclusions of Ukraine and Russian Federation.

The many years experience of the high-qualified staff and the maintained traditions let the constant perfection of the technological processes. Finally using the selecting extraction methods of unique grades of clay and sand, we get the high quality refractories and materials, and widen their assortment in accord with the customers requirements.

We were among the first who developed and launched the new technologies and new kinds of production. Having steadily expanding customers circle we aim not only at saving of our attained market positions but also at the active mastering of new ones.

To tighten our positions and image on the world refractory market we pay a lot of attention to the costs decrease, to the quality and to the improvement of the performances.

JSC “Chasov-Yar refractory Works” is the first among the enterprises of the refractory industry which has launched and is applying the control quality system in such fields as: designing, developing and manufacturing of the refractory products, materials, clays for refractory products and ceramics, molding sands. And all the production range corresponds to the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2000.

We appreciate our partners, deliverers and customers. We hope that the proposed information on this site would be useful for you for the establishing of business long-term cooperation and the realization of the mutual projects with OJSC “Chasov-Yar Refractory Works”.

Phone: + 380 623 320 952

1st Komsomolskaya Street,
Town Chasiv Yar,,
Donetska oblast

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