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The Star Hotel

The Star Hotel

The Star Hotel

The Star Hotel sits in the very centre of the ancient city of Mukacheve and was once the property of the Austro-Hungarian Count Family von Schönborn. Its location offers beautiful views of the charismatic Old City and its main square, and everything has been done to ensure guests’ comfort: European styling, impeccable service, exquisite cuisine and a wide range of additional services on offer. 

The first and most significant hotel in Mukacheve – the Czillag (Hungarian for “star”) – was built at the end of the 18th century by the aristocratic Austro-Hungarian von Schoenborn family to replace an old tavern.

For centuries the Czillag was the only centre of social and cultural life in this historic old town. Guests often remarked at its gorgeous ballroom, fabulous terrace and comfortable rooms. Major theatre performances were given there, and it often housed famous artists: Josef Taboli, in a book he penned about Mukacheve, proudly wrote that “… the ballroom of the Czillag Hotel, which was the place for charity balls during Mardi Gras week, was crowded by the numerous beautiful ladies from neighbouring districts and is the equal of the famous ballrooms of Pest”.

The Czillag Hotel’s walls witnessed innumerable social and cultural events for the local beau monde – from concerts and theatre performances to literature soirees, fairs and black-tie socials. It played host tothe celebrated Arpad balls, concerts by Ishtvan Toman (a student of Franz Liszt), and the music of violinist Ede Remeni and his permanent accompanying pianist Nandor Ploteni. And beginning in 1902 the Czillag’s cinema started to win over the local population, the majority of whom took in some of the first moving pictures ever shown in the town at the hotel. And finally, the City Casino has also enjoyed a long and deep connection to the Czillag.

The gorgeous architectural style and special spirit of the Star Hotel, as it is known today, was and continues to be one of the most popular landmarks in Mukacheve – one that is often used in portrayals of this quaint Transcarpathian city. 

Phone: +380 313 131 031

10-12 Myru Sq.,
Zakarpatska Oblast

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