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The State Committee of Ukraine for Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy

The State Committee of Ukraine for Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy

The State Committee of Ukraine for Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy

On October 1, 2002 with the purpose to improve effectiveness of realization the State policy in the sphere of consumer’s right protection and according to Clause 15, Part 1 of the Article 106 of Constitution of Ukraine by the Order of the President of Ukraine there was established a Central executive body with a special status – State committee on technical regulation and consumer policy of Ukraine.

Technical Regulation: Systems of standardization, metrology and certification are the main components of technical regulation as the base for reliable consumer’s right protection:

Standardization is an activity that lies in setting up the provisions on real and possible tasks for general use, with the purpose to achieve the optimal level of regulation in specific sphere, that results in improving the conformity level of product, process and service to their functional appointment, barriers to trade and assistance to scientific and technical cooperation.

Metrology is the science of measurement that includes theoretic as well as practical measuring aspects in all the spheres of science and technology.

Certification is the procedure with the help of which definitely recognized body certifies the conformity of products, quality systems, quality management systems, environmental quality systems and staff to the requirements defined by the legislation.

Consumer policy: creation of favorable conditions for saturation of consumer market with safe goods (works, services) of high quality, improvement of health safety and consumer safety, modernization of Ukrainian legislation on consumer’s right protection, its adaptation to EU legislation.

The main task of Derhspozhyvstandard of Ukraine is providing of realization of State policy in the sphere of consumer’s right protection, standardization, metrology and certification, performance of management in this sphere as well as intersectorial coordination and functional regulation on consumer’s right protection, standardization, metrology and certification.

The main purpose of Derzhspozhyvstandard of Ukraine is enforcement of consumer’s right protection through modernization of technical regulation system.

Priority trends of activity
Creation of market mechanisms for consumer’s right protection adequate to European requirements. Adhere to balance of consumers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, authorities’ interest in priority providing of State policy in the sphere of consumer’s right protection. Raise of efficiency in functioning of National technical regulation system in favor of consumers, based on the harmonization of Legislation to the requirements of World Trade Organization and European Union.

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City Kiev,,
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