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The Tripol bath-house

The Tripol bath-house

The Tripol bath-house

A project «The Tripol bath-house» is created on the sketches of clay houses which were sketched on the real archaeological openings. We succeeded maximally to represent a situation and atmosphere which were created by an age-old culture. A fact, that a technique of building of such dwellings was at high level of development, is known. Procedures which are conducted by our specialists in this unique apartment carry exactly such age-old energy which allows valuably to renew the life-breaths of organism. The applied economic symbols are represented even in economic apartments and houses of ancient tribes, such as symbol of sun energy, totem symbols, symbol of harmony between elements which we can look after practically in all of age-old religions and cults. It is possible to draw a conclusion on the basis of foregoing, that this symbolism which passed through ages renders positive influence on a man, regardless of his religious preferences and priorities in modern society. These are the unique features of culture and way of life of the Tripol culture.

A Tripol bath-house begins with the Tea ceremony. In modern medicine did not lose the value of knowledge about curative force of nature purchased by generations of people. A man develops in the close co-operating with nature and most with a vegetable environment: the forest and field became the first «pharmacy» for a man. Every plant has its characteristics and its influence on an organism, therefore exactly treatment folk methods during many thousand years reliably serves humanity. It is needed to pay attention, that action of one plant is less effective than action of few. Especially valuable are plants collected by hand in environmentally clean districts. The difficult complex of matters, dosed in plants by nature, operates for the good of organism, increases its protective functions, activates the exchange of matters.

Taking into account such properties of plants, the employees of SPA-center «The Tripol bath-house» developed mixture of herbs which optimum befit the different types of organism of man. Thus, original mixtures of herbs are used in a tea ceremony. Tea ceremony is conducted in a clay tea room, where the symbols of the Tripol culture are represented, sedative music sounds, and on a large monitor a video goes with the images of wild nature of different corners of the world.

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