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The canning factory is up for sale.

The canning factory is up for sale.

The canning factory is up for sale.

The factory canned natural vegetables in the containers with twist-off cover. Productivity is 5 million cans per season (4 months). The main processing line works on Hungarian equipment.
Registered trade mark since 2001, positioned in the premium class.

Proper technical conditions are for all types of products (24 names of products in 2006).
Sales are done directly in the leading retail chains of Ukraine through distributors.

Possible implementations of new products such as ketchup, mayonnaise, mushrooms, salads, vegetable mixes, quick frozen products, etc.

Located in town Onys'kove, just 50 km from Odessa City. Access road to the factory has an asphalt surface.

Fundamental property complex of the canning factory has total area of 4159, sq.m. and included following buildings:
1. Processing shop - 1070.8 sq.m.
2. Warehouse (loft-room) - 1400.1 square meters, with a capacity of 2,1 million cans.
3. Storage (deepened, with a basement and the freezers cameras) - 750.2 sq.
4. Dock warehouse - 326.3 sq. m.,
5. Warehouse for glassware - 432.7 sq. m.
6. Weight room - 78.5 sq.
7. Boiler room - 101 sq.m.
8. Latrine.
9. Fencing.
10. Paved parking lot.
11. Office building.
12. Laboratory (fully equipped and certified).

The factory has:

- Water supply (its own artesian well 140m deep and output 10 cub/hour);
- Heating system (3 Boiler E-1 / 9 on liquid fuel, there is a project of gasification, the distance from the gas line 100m.);
- Sewage system;
- Electricity (2 substations);
- The territory is paved with concrete slabs and some asphalt;
- Surrounded with 2m concrete fence, has one entry through a metal gate.

Profitability of production is from 35% to 85% depending on market prices for raw materials and distribution conditions.

Negotiation starts at $1 200 000.

Phone: +380 503 365 581

Town Onys'kove,, Onys'kove
Odess'ka oblast

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