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The enterprise was established in 1916. For 85 years of its existence the plant has gained an enormous experience in manufacturing the wide range of products from the simplest to highly technological armour systems.

PJSC "Tochmash" manufactures the following kinds of products.
For geological exploration and oil and gas production: - weld-on tool joints and their billets;
- screw-on tool joints for drill pipes for steel and light-alloy pipes and their billets;
- couplings for casing and tubing and their billets.

For mining industry: - hydraulic props with closed-circuit hydraulic system;
- hydraulic props with open-circuit hydraulic
system of single and double extension;
locks for arched support;
- rollers for belt conveyors.

- Stubbing fittings for a wide range of operating pressures and cross sections.
- Mating flanges and their billets.
- Hydraulic cylinders of different piston diameters and operating stroke values.

Agricultural machines and spare parts for them:
- harrows;
- cultivators;
- ploughs;
- diversified assemblies;
- fodder stocking machines;

- Furniture and consumption goods.
- Cutoff and pipe-cutting equipment, press-cutters, air-plasma cutting machines allow to get billets and rolled products of any shapes.

Forging-press equipment allows to produce ferrous, unstainable and non-ferrous forgings including:
- forgings of glass-type (outer diameter 70-200mm, inside diameter 40-130mm, length 100-650mm, mass 5-70kg);
- shaped forgings (diameter up to 200mm and mass up to 10kg);
- forgings with extended axis (diameter up to 130mm and mass up to 10kg)

Shaped casting shop is able to carry out serial production of steel, iron, non-ferrous castings of bronze and brass of any grades, as well as stainless and heat-resistant steels. Maximim sizes of the forgings are 400x650x300mm, mass from 0,2 to 100kg, accuracy class 10-11?.
Investment casting allows to manufacture products of weight from 0,02 to 5kg and accuracy class 7T; high surface cleanness is provided.
Aluminum and zinc alloy billets and parts of mass up to 2kg are manufactured by means of pressure die casting. Accuracy class 3 is provided.

The enterprise disposes of the equipment for quality and strong electroplate coating.

Phone: +380 623 027 167

1st Zhmury Street,
City Donetsk,,
Donetska oblast

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