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Turman Express

Turman Express

Turman Express

Turman (from Ukrainian òóðìàí – “tumbler”) is a fine dignified bird with a quick and confident flying.
Pigeons’ flying speed and memory are impressive. They can find the way to their nest of more than 1100 km away and reach the speed of 100 kmph.

The birds’ abilities were used to deliver post for a long period time.
Dove (similar to pigeon) is a biblical character. After the Deluge it was dove that Noah sent out from the ark to find the earth and return with an olive leaf as a proof of the end of the deluge.

Nowadays Turman Express has a wide range of services with are steadily expanded. The most valuable asset of any business is time. Therefore mail and goods delivery that we offer is fast, secure and competitive. Possessing a wide chain of area offices, highly qualified staff, dedicated couriers and a personal fleet we are able to provide high-quality services.

At your disposal:

• Highly qualified staff
• Customer-specific approach
• Secure delivery according to appointed time
• Timely information of delivery
• Free courier pick-up
• Separation, packing, insurance services and armed escort (upon request)

Turman Express provides a full logistics package, ranging from extra urgent delivery (within 1-4 hours) over Kyiv to business mail and goods delivery to any country of the world.
Express shipment over Ukraine and other countries reaches the recipient in any destination location (the principle “from hand to hand”).
The company’s pricing policy offers the most convenient and profitable conditions for every partner.

Specially designed software system is tailored to each of the services offered by Turman Express. It provides you with real-time tracking of any shipment at any time. A delivery notice on a suitable information medium can be given upon request.

Our message is express delivery within Ukraine and throughout the world!
Our principle is on time delivery at reasonable prices!

Phone: +380 445 753 037

Kievska oblast

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