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We own more than 200 ships that transported in 2004 9 million tons of different cargo,10 thousand tourists and 1,7 million passengeres. The region where our fleet works embraces the ports of 40 countries in the Dnipro, Volga and Danube rivers, Black and Azov, Mediterranean, Baltic and Northen sea basins of the world ocean.

Apart from the fleet, UKRRICHFLOT-s holding includes insuarance, brokerage, forwarding companies and a shipping agency, five river ports, shipbuilding and shiprepair yards.

The company is a member of the Black Sea International Ship-owners Association, the Baltic and International Martime Council and the Conferenceof Danube shipping companies.

The high rating at the transport services market helped the UKRRICHFLOT JS Co. To arrange a big credit for fleet building in the European Reconstruction and Development Bank without the Ukrainian government guarantees. We have built 6 universal dry cargo ships, 1 more ships are being built and by 2004 we plan to expand our fleet with 12 news cargo vessels.

In May 2001 our company opened a cruise line between Ukrainian and Bulgarian ports. In the year of 2003 we will continue the line to ports of Romania (Constanza) and Russia (Snt-Petersberg).

We have a goal to increase the scope of marine transportation by 50 per cent, the Danube transportation by 30 per cent and the inner waters transportation by 25 per cent in the forthcoming 5 years. We also plan to enliven the cruising business.

The Ukrainian president Leonid Kuchma mentioned that UKRRICHFLOT has worked out such a model of development that is worhwhile being accepted by other companies.

We all remember 1998 when Leonid Kuchma awarded government prizes to many workers of the company and underlined our contribution to the development of market enterprising.

In ten years that the company has been working in new economic conditions the foreign trade cargo transportation increased by 90 per cent, the rate of shares increased five times.

We owe our success to our orderly team of specialists who can solve complicated problems connected with the competitiveness increase and with the strengthening of UKRRICHFLOT-s international prestige.

Phone: +380 444 906 665

51st Nyzniy Val Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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