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UNIAN is powerful informational and advertising supermarket, where one can find anything in the sphere of information, advertising, PR, and the like.

In particular, the agency proposes the following services:

1. Organizing and holding press conferences.

in the agency's conference hall to the address 4 Khreshchatyk Str.,
in the hall of the customer or in a leased premise, an exhibition pavilion, etc.;
in the conference hall and simultaneously in the Internet, with an on-line text protocol (in a chat regime);
with a text protocol and a direct real audio-broadcasting;
with a text protocol, a real audio-broadcasting and real video-broadcasting;
customers may be provided with a plasma TV-set monitor 106 cm cornerwise for demonstrations, and with reading devices for any carriers;
one may order posting news about the press conference at unian.net web site in the Press Conferences rubric.
or publishing news about the press conference in 2-3 UNIAN electronic bulletins, which will be disseminated among subscribers.

2. Press conferences may be provided with:

Announcing in the UNIAN-Announcement bulletin and at unian.net web site;
Accrediting and registering;
A consecutive translation from/to Ukrainian, Russian, English, German;
Taking digital photos;
A monitoring of publications about the press conference in central mass media within 10 days after the event. The monitoring involves newspapers, magazines, six leading TV-channels, radio-channels, and Internet.
Preparing a stand-up party;
Carrying out contests among journalists for the best covering of the press conference and its topic;
Holding other official and unofficial measures to stimulate the turnout of journalists at the press conference;
Holding other official and unofficial measures to stimulate journalists to promptly, objectively, and fully, cover the theme of the press conference.

3. Preparing a CD with a video-protocol basing on the Internet-archive of UNIAN's press conferences.

4. Conducting briefings, presentations, exhibitions, seasonal and collection fashion shows, show-programs and other mass measures.

5. Holding virtual (Internet) briefings, presentations, exhibitions, seasonal and collection fashion shows, show-programs and other mass measures.

and so on.....
Please visit our website for more informations

Phone: +380 442 201 198

4th Khreshchatyk Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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