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UNIVERSE transport-travel company

UNIVERSE transport-travel company

UNIVERSE transport-travel company

UNIVERSE transport-travel company, which was founded in 1999 by the members of one family, who have long experience in this sphere.

The company has been gradually developing its’ functions as well as quality of service and professionalism of company staff, the number of which increased from 4 to 40 employees today.

Since 2000 head office of the company UNIVERSE is situated in the downtown of Kyiv, not far from central railway terminal.

In 2005 UNIVERSE established a branch in Lviv, and in 2006 the office of the branch changed the address and moved to central bus terminal on Stryyska Str.

In 2008 UNIVERSE established one more branch in Chernigiv with office location on Peremogy Prosp.

Nowadays UNIVERSE is a network of representative offices throughout Ukraine, and also with offices in Germany, Poland, Italy and Spain.

Main areas of company activity: tour operator activity and international passenger carriages:

- Outcoming tourism
- Incoming tourism (recreation in Crimea, in the Carpathians, hotel reservation throughout Ukraine)
- Child recreation and education
- Business trips (seminars, workshops, fairs, car rent, hotel reservation, guide and/or interpreter service )
- Exotic countries
- Ski resorts
- Group and individual tours
- Air ticket booking
- Ticket sale on regular bus routs of company UNIVERSE to Spain (Kyiv – Madrid, Kyiv – Malaga)
- Ticket sale on bus routs throughout Europe, convenient connection with bus routs of company UNIVERSE
- Rent of vehicles in Ukraine and abroad (buses MAN 2003 – 2008 model year, 32 – 49 – 57 seats)

Phone: +380 442 464 477

20th Kominterna Street, of.2,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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