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Ukrainian Levkoy

Ukrainian Levkoy

Ukrainian Levkoy

Welcome to the Catteries Union of hairless (naked) fold (lop-eared) cats of Ukrainian Levkoy breed.

International Cat Fanciers' Association "ROLANDUS-UNION INTERNATIONAL"

Planning creation of new breed of animals by connection in one genotype two sufficiently far being distant genes and obtaining dihybrid livestock with the planned pedigrees signs, it is necessary to be aware of problems in the form of appearance of a critical or unstable state of genome, which is characterized by the whole set of reactions, different from the initial, with the aid of which new organism attempts to find a new ways of existence, maintenance of gomeostasis in the new body.

The purpose of the breedmaking is a creation of that desired, in relation to the stable genome, composed by the genomes of all its individuals, but not static set of genes, but totality of genes in their dialectical interaction ? is developing genome of breed.

Taking into account these factors, assuming this approach to the genome, as to the acting system of self-regulation, it is possible to foresee close ones and distant formations of new, strongly differing from initial, phenomena. Such, for example, as hybrid disgenesis ? the instability of genome, or vice versa - the phenomenon of heterosis - successful combination of genes, and we will get wonderful healthy posterity of the desired type. Appearance of plenty of systems anomalies in posterity will be the index of disgenesis. Therefore after the flow of the "primary drop of the blood" it is desirable to separate animals for breeding "in itself", if the worst did not happen (anomalies), we are choosing and allowing in work only individuals, who manifest good base of hybrid force - the heterosis, expressed in stability to diseases, strong constitutionally and adequate on the behavior. At the same time it is necessary to take care also about the selection in the pair of most similar according to the planned type of animals on the basis of inbreeding in order to double, stabilize desirable signs and, at the same time, to double "negative" ? to have a possibility to reveal and to reject animals with the poor, harmful heredity quickly.

The Ukrainian Levkoy is a cat of very original appearance, hairless and with folded ears.
These cats are of medium size, the body is rather long, muscular and slender of rectangular format.

The bare skin of Levkoy is soft and hot, it is excessive, elastic and wrinkled.
Levkoy cat?s peculiar features are: special angular contour of its head and "stepped" profile (dogface appearance) folded ears and by large, but not well wide opened, almond-shaped eyes.

They are very friendly and active. The cats express sexual dimorphism.

Phone: +380 442 458 007

Kievska oblast

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