Ukrainian State Enterprise of Posts

Ukrainian State Enterprise of Posts

Ukrainian State Enterprise of Posts

Ukrainian State Enterprise of Posts Ukrposhta (USEP Ukrposhta) is included into the field of governing of the Ministry of Transport and Communication of Ukraine. It is the national postal operator according to the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated January 10, 2002.
The activity of USEP Ukrposhta is regulated by the Law of Ukraine On Postal Service dated October 4, 2001, other laws of Ukraine as well as the normative acts of the Universal Postal Union where Ukraine is the member since 1947.

Ukrposhta works as an independent economic unit since 1994 when the Ukrainian Postal Association Ukrposhta was founded. In July 1998 it was restructured into USEP Ukrposhta in its actual form, according to the Program of Restructuring of Ukrposhta approved by the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 04.01.98 No. 1.

Ukrposhta today is:
- 31 branches, including: 25 regional directorates; 2 city directorates  Kyiv and Sevastopol; Directorate for Treatment and Transportation of Post; Autotransposhta Directorate; Publishing House Marka Ukrainy Directorate; Main Training Centre Zelena Bucha;
- more than 15 thousand post offices (including more than 10 thousand in villages) provide services within the whole country;
- more than 115 thousand active, qualified and careful workers are always ready to help the customers;
- direct delivery of mail to 15 million household postboxes and to every household in village;
- direct postal exchange with 72 countries in the world.

Phone: +380 442 262 559

Khreschatyk St., 22
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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