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Ukrbudmash Ltd

Ukrbudmash Ltd

Ukrbudmash Ltd

The priority work destination is manufacturing stations as follows:
Mobile oil purification station SMM is designed for thermal vacuum processing of transformer, cable, turbine, machinery and other oils to remove gas, water and solids. It also removes acidity and vaccuumizes a transformer.
It is used while mounting, repairing and operating gas-tight oil-filled high-voltage equipment as well as not hermetically sealed one with voltage up to 1150 kV inclusive ( power transformers, high-voltage switches) which are used to dehydrate and regenerate transformer oil) - biodisiel units and systems of BioDieselMach ®" trade mark is the new generation equipment to produce biodiesel where certified and licensed hydrodynamic technology is used.

BIODIESEL is a methyl (ethyl) ether procured of vegetable oil through the process of etherification: methanol (ethanol) is added to the oil in proportion 1:9 and processed with a small amount of alkaline or acid catalist in a reactor (hydrodynamic mixer and compounded pump).

Oil generation unit SMM(P) is designed for a total regeneration of transformer oil with adsorbent.
Oil regeneration station SMM (P) – 0,7
Bitumen emulsion system UVB – 14 is designed to prepare emulsion, mixtures for road construction and road repairs, it is used:
- to prepare old road base for asphalt-concrete;
- to prepare cold asphalt-concrete mixtures;
- for surface treatment of roads;
- for patch road repairs;
- to ensure water-tightness of buildings as well as for soft roofs.

Bitumen emulsion plant UVB -14( BEP-1)
Model (latex) polymer scheme in the station. “Ukrbudmash” completes bitumen-emulsion unit UVB -14 with a latex block.

Piping system allows for latex circulation without thickening and three-way valve suitches from circulation to serving into station.

Latex is fed to the station through a nozzle after preliminary mixture with finished emulsion afterwards it gets to the mill where definite mixture takes place. The mill serves finished modified emulsion into the storage or motor tar sprayer. After process finished the block is washed out with water.

Liquid blending system USB is designed for mixing (blending) and dissovling liquids in the flow including vegetative additions, it blends 2 to 5 separate components, particularly low-octane gasoline with high level oxygen additions, biodiesel with diesel oil and additives.

The station can be used at oil-refining and food industry enterprises and filling stations.

Special features of the above-given station are in octane number raising by means of injection method and ultrasonic blending system. That allows to avoid the break down of derived product within 180 days.

Phone: +380 532 668 645

38th Sadovskogo Street,
City Poltava,,
Poltavska oblast

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