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The Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies -Centre "Ukrchastotnaglyad" is a specially authorized radio frequency body, acting as a State Telecommunications Inspection of Ukraine (STI) and belonging to the governing scope of Communications Administration of Ukraine, the powers of which are entrusted to the State Committee of Communications and Informatization of Ukraine.

The Centre "Ukrchastotnaglyad"acts in accordance with the normative and legal documents listed in Section "Legal foundation of the Centre activities".

Powers of the Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies - Centre "Ukrchastotnaglyad"are stipulated in the Article 7 of the Law of Ukraine "On Radio Frequency Resource of Ukraine":
assigning radio frequencies and call-signs;
issuing permissions for designing, modernization, manufacturing, purchase, implementation ,sale ,usage of radio electronic facilities (REFs)and radio radiating devices on the territory of Ukraine, as well import of the above-mentioned ones for civil and military users;
radio monitoring, registration and state supervision for the use of radio frequency resource of Ukraine by civil and military users;
participating (in accordance with the established procedure) in the work of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)and other international organizations dealing with the issues of radio frequency resource usage, including international legal support and coordination of frequency assignments;
participating in the preparing draft laws and other normative and legal bills, as well conducting the scientific and experimental researches on radio frequency resource in Ukraine;
executing other powers in compliance with the Laws of Ukraine.

According to the given powers and acting Statute the Centre "Ukrchastotnaglyad" performs the functions as follows:
Monitoring and supervision of such activities as:
manufacturing, implementation (selling), importing, usage of REFs for civil purpose;
ensuring the level of admissible interference for radio and TV reception;
fulfilling the licensing provisions by the licensees in the field of telecommunications;
utilization of the only standardized equipment the communication network as for public and departmental usage.

Phone: +380 444 228 103

15 km pr. Peremogy,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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