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Ukrgeobud JV

Ukrgeobud JV

Ukrgeobud JV

Our company functions in the market of construction more than 10 years. Since March 2005 it has been registered in the Kiev city under the name of Open Company "Ukrgeobud JV". (the License ¹359068).

Open Company "Ukrgeobud JV" offers the services on construction and repair of every possible objects as in territory of Ukraine and abroad:
- erection of bearing and protecting designs of buildings and constructions, construction and assembly of engineering and transport networks; - erection of bearing and protecting designs of buildings and constructions;
- assembly of designs of external engineering networks and systems;
- assembly of internal engineering networks, systems, devices and means of measurement;
- protection of designs, the equipment and systems.

One of the most responsible stages in the construction is designing.
Process of designing is, first of all, creation of the unique concept, exclusive design with use of our own and world experience in the field of architecture and design. As a result the project becomes original and stylistically recognized.
From that, how much considered the designing will be executed, will be reliability, ergonomics of a construction, its external and internal qualities depends.

It is offered both traditional and advanced constructive decisions on construction of cottages "on a turn-key basis".

From a series traditional the erection of cottages from a brick, foam concrete with facing by a brick is possible, etc.

We’ll help with a choice of the optimum design decision.

We provide carrying out of all generally building works from erection of the house footing up to the arrangement of roofing with system of an antiicing (at will of the client).

We carry out the special works on the arrangement of networks of a waterpipe, the water drain, a heat supply, electrosupply, low-current networks, (security signal and fire alarm system, video observation, internet, telephony)

Performance of separate kinds of works is possible.

We spend works on an accomplishment of territory around of the cottages with stacking paving slab, breakdown of flower beds and lawns, arrangement of pools, "barbecue", summerhouses/ arbours etc.

On modern building technologies the variants are offered.

Depending on purpose of under construction objects it is distinguish kinds of construction: industrial (plants, factories), civil (apartment houses, public buildings), hydroengineering (weir, dams, channels, coast-protecting structures and equipments, reservoir, etc.), irrigation and drainage construction (systems of an irrigation, drainage), transport (roads, bridges, tunnels, etc.), manufacture of building materials, etc. Construction is the major element of nature territories construction.

Phone: +380 445 033 835

Kievska oblast

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