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The dynamics of oil and gas production levels and their absolute value varied due to putting into operation major oil fields, namely:
- 1959 - Dolynsky Oil Field with 38.3 mln.tons recoverable reserves (Ivano-Frankovsk region); Hlynsko-Rozbyshevsky Oil Field with 31.7 mln.tons recoverable reserves (Poltava region);
- 1960 - Hnidintsivsky Oil Field with 38.0 mln.tons recoverable reserves (Chernihiv region);
- 1961 - Kachanivsky Oil Field with 17.9 mln.tons recoverable reserves (Sumy region);
- 1963 - Lelyakivsky Oil Field with 52,4 mln.tons recoverable reserves (Chernihiv region).

In the peak output period the above fields provided more than half total production rate of JSC Ukrnafta.

Within the period from 1960 to 1997 JSC Ukrnafta put 74 new oil pools upstream.

In 1998 oil and con-densate output made up 3 mln.tons including 2.5 mln.tons of oil.

The rate of oil withdrawal from current recoverable reserves totaled to 2.2% including 3.8% from active and 1,7% from hard recoverable reserves.

The depletion rate of initial crude oil reserves makes up 69.9%.

The main oil volumes have been recovered from old depleted deposits, the majority of which are under the final stage of their development.

The most efficient measure for field development enhancement are maintaining of oil formation pressure by way of water injection.

Oil displacement by injected water is being carried out in 25 fields (the annual injected water rate makes up 11.5 mln. cubic.m).

It enables to increase oil production from reservoirs more than two times.

JSC Ukrnafta has been carrying out pilot-commercial operations for a long time for workingout and introduction of EOR methods.

Those operations were performed in 10 objects of 8 oil fields being associated with thermal and physicochemical bed stimulation

Due to these methods 30-40 ths.tons of oil is produced annually.

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