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It is a commonly known fact that humans spend one third of their lives sleeping. Our products will help you to spend it with pleasure and with profit to your health!

The company major business line is manufacture of mattresses. At present we offer our customers a range of more than 20 mattress model lines.
The lines were designed to meet all chief demands of the customers including quality, price, comfort, perfect look as well as custom-tailored service with an opportunity to design non-standard products.

Outward signs:
1. Environmental marker ?Environmentally Clear and Safe?, which proves environmental priority of the manufacture and high social responsibility of the manufacturer for the product quality and safety level of production processes. (Since May 2007)
Certificate for "Spring Mattresses"  UA.08.002.138
Certificate for "Springless mattresses"  UA.08.002.139
2. Advertising tape indicating bearing capacity of a mattress and transportation preventive measures.
3. Almost all mattresses have zipper fastener on three sides.

Inside characteristics...
1. The absence of polyurethane foam box along the perimeter of the mattress.
2. The use of component parts from the leading European manufacturers.
3. The use of springs from Italian manufacturers, irrespective of the price of the mattress.
4. Mattress sides are reinforced and fixed according the special VELAM know-how technology.
5. Soft coverings are well-protected from mechanical damage by springs by means of hard filter thermofelt.
6. The use of VELAM-manufactured Sprut bonded fabric in almost all models of the line allow to complement products with minimum coverings, which at the same time provides better airing of the mattress.
7. VELAMs own testing laboratory allows guaranteeing constant improvement of the quality characteristics of the models.

Phone: +380 512 674 444

67th Kirova Street,
City Nikolaev,,
Mykolaivska oblast

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