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The main production plant of the company Vitmark-Ukraine is Odessa Baby Food Cannery. The choice of the very plant was conditioned by its unique production capabilities and the excellent reputation of the plant  the leader of the Soviet Union market in the field of baby food production  confirmed the rightness of the choice. The plant has its own raw materials base which is situated in the ecologically clean area of Odessa region near Kuchurgan River. In order for the raw materials to meet all the standards applied to baby food it has been prohibited to fertilize the lands in this area with any artificial manure already for many years in accordance with the special resolution of the Council of Ministers of Ukraine.

Huge aseptic containers, which are located in the Kuchurgan affiliated branch, make it possible to preserve fresh juice that has been produced from ecologically clean fruit which had been gathered here without the application of preservatives during a year. The juices are also produced at Rakhny-Lesoviye Cannery (the village of Rakhny-Lesoviye, Vinnitsa region), apple concentrated juice and puree-like convenience foods are produced here as well.

Phone: +380 482 344 042

22nd, Vysokiy lane,
City Odessa,,
Odess'ka oblast

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