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Votum Ltd

Votum Ltd

Votum Ltd

Votum Ltd was founded in 1990 by group of specialists in branch of microprocessor and measuring technics. Since foundation Votum Ltd keeps its main line of activity that consists in creation, development and implementation of automated control systems (ACS) in different branches of industry.

Licences, certificates and high qualification of personnel permit to realize all work package in automation:
- inspection of the object that is subject to automation and giving out of suggestion concerning the ACS;
- development of automated control systems;
- purchase, production and delivery of equipment for automated systems;
- mounting, adjusting works at putting of the system into operation, training of service personnel;
- guarantee and postguarantee servicing.

Automated control systems are implemented with present-day equipment of leading industrial manufacturers of:
- programmable logic controllers (PLCs);
- industrial and office computers (PCs);
- operator panels (OPs);
- industrial information networks Industrial Ethernet, Profibus, AS;
- visualizating systems (HMI/SCADA).

Votum Ltd has state licence (serial no. IF 00458) on implementation of industrial automation and control systems.

All works are implemented in compliance with Quality Managememt System that is certified by BVQI (certificate No.112017) to meet international standard ISO 9001:2000 requirements.

Phone: +380 342 527 400

City Ivano-Frankivsk,

Ivano-Frankivs'ka oblast

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