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Web-Studio Seotm

Web-Studio Seotm

Web-Studio Seotm

Web-Studio SEOTM.COM is specialized in development of the Internet resources of different levels of complexity, as well as providing full range of services with regards of registering domain names, providing hosting, technical support and updates of the Web-Sites.

We are currently working with clients from different backgrounds: multinational companies and banks, government and non-government organizations, as well as private persons from Russia, Ukraine and other countries.
Best proof of quality of our services is a trust and satisfaction of our clients, which on the other hand is supported by proven with time technological and administrative bases.

Web-Studio’s Team
We are very demanding in choosing the right people for our team. All our colleagues are certified specialists in the field of Internet technologies, Information Systems and Programming. Some of our colleagues are well known artists and photographers, who also received their qualifications abroad. Professionalism and experience of our team allows us to complete projects of almost any level of complexity. Experience of our team is achieved with time and numerous projects that we successfully completed. We do know how to work under pressure, meet strict deadlines and respect schedules provided by our clients.
We work as a team – a team that consists of creative, talented, energetic young people; people who consider their work in the area of web design and development as a life-style; people that are not afraid of challenging tasks, eager to achieve set goals, and who continuously improve their professional knowledge and skills.

Our approach We have a transparent system of project control and payments. At any taken stage of the project development our clients are allowed to make corrections or give suggestions. It is also worth noting that our repeat clients will enjoy generous discounts and other advanced services.

Phone: +380 443 602 815

Kievska oblast

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