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Wooden pallets L.P.S.

Wooden pallets L.P.S.

Wooden pallets L.P.S.

"L.P.S." started out as an independent private company which remains the same till now. The company has passed through a difficult but successful path from a small woodworking business to an integrated complex with a powerful industrial potential. Currently, the company's activities cover companies in Western Europe (Italy, Germany, France), as well as large and developing Ukrainian organizations.

The main activities are:

• production and sell of wooden pallets
• re-sorted and repair of wooden pallets

All the pallets meet state standards and technical specifications (TU), presented to the production of wooden pallets.
Pallets are made on the automatic lines "STORTI", "OMEV", on the lines - semi-automatic «TEPAL». This ensures high quality manufactured wood pallets, according to European standards. The presence of modern automatic drying complex allows us to ensure the quality of manufactured pallets, according to ISPM 15 Standards. Enterprise granted the right to carry a label bearing a personal number - (0351). Production of pallets (pallets, pallets) clearly controlled by staff, according to all valid requirements and regulations of international quality certification ISO 9001-2000.

The spent transport logistics solves a problem with delivery of carried pallets. Pallets are delivered in a short time at the warehouse of the customer!

Development of a rapid pace allows "L.P.S." to search for new contacts, however, strengthening the already existing, ensuring customer peace of mind and confidence in the future

Phone: +380 332 770 828

24B Hetman Mazepa Str.,
Rozhysche Village,,
Volynska oblast

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